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Many pathways can lead to a degree from Cornell’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Transfer students have become an integral part of the CALS student body; each year, we welcome transfer students from across the country and around the world. These students bring a diversity of work and life experiences to the community; some have recently graduated from high school, while others are continuing their education after taking some time away from academics.

No matter what path you have traveled to get here, take time to explore the opportunities that CALS has to offer!

Before You Apply

Transfer Applicant Eligibility
Transfer Criteria
Choose a Major
Which courses are required to transfer to CALS
Transfer Agreement with CALS
CALS’ Transfer Credit Policies
Important Dates and Deadlines
Helpful Application Information
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Transfer Applicant Eligibility

Students who have earned 12 or more credits at another accredited college or university since graduating from high school are eligible to apply as transfer applicants.

Transfer Criteria

Academic Record

  • Strong academic record at the college level. Competitive applicants have at least a 3.0 (B) average. Note: Applied Economics and Management and Biological Sciences require a minimum GPA of 3.5.
  • CALS has Required Coursework for each major that should be completed or in-progress with a “B” or better before applying.
  • The most competitive applicants are full-time students who have met the GPA and course requirements.

Standardized Testing

  • SAT and ACT are not required for transfer applicants.
  • International Students: TOEFL (score of 100 or better) or IELTS (score of 7) recommended.

Special Information

Choose a Major

CALS selects students who are ready to dive into their major as soon as they arrive on campus. As a result, all students must apply to a specific CALS major and are chosen based upon their academic and personal fit for that course of study. Demonstrating a good fit with your intended major through your academic and life experiences is a vital part of your application. Take time to explore the over 20 majors that CALS offers, and select the one that best suits your interests and future career goals.

Transfer Agreement with CALS

Your current institution may have a transfer agreement with CALS

CALS has transfer agreements with over 30 institutions that offer programs similar to CALS.
Determine if your college has a transfer agreement with CALS

No transfer agreement? Search Cornell’s Course Equivalency Library

If the course or your college is not listed, please use Cornell University’s Courses of Study to search and compare course descriptions. For example, search "Calculus I" to compare a calculus course from your institution with one from Cornell.

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and Cornell University reserve the right to determine, in their sole discretion, whether course credit earned at other schools, either secondary or post-secondary, meet the College’s and the University’s academic standards and will therefore be eligible to be applied toward Cornell degree requirements.  Applicants and matriculated students should not assume that, because a particular course taken at another school is listed as a recommended course or a foundational course, it will necessarily be eligible for Cornell credit.  

CALS’ Transfer Credit Policies

Up to 60 credits may be transferred from other accredited colleges or universities toward your CALS degree.  Admitted transfer students will receive an official transfer credit evaluation 2-4 weeks after admission.

  • Quarter System credits are awarded in the CALS semester system by calculating .67 credits per each credit of study at an institution on the quarter system. A 3-credit quarter system course therefore will be awarded 2 credits.
  • Non-Cornell Credit
  • Credit by Examination may be used to fulfill transfer requirements when applicable. (Follow this link to view credit placement for AP and IB exams)
  • College Credit earned in High School

Important Dates and Deadlines

Application Deadlines

Spring Transfer Application Deadline:  October 15
Fall Transfer Application Deadline:  March 15


Helpful Application Information


After looking over the CALS Transfer Application information, you may find that you still have questions for our Admissions Team.  We're happy to help.

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Meet Ezra to get answers to your questions about CALS and transfer admissions