A minor is a secondary area of interest that often complements a major and allows grouping of related electives in a meaningful way. Students typically need 4 to 8 courses to fulfill the requirements for a minor.

The CALS curriculum allows the flexibility to:

CALS Minors

Agribusiness Management 

Sample Coursework: Agricultural Finance, Farm Business Management, Marketing

American Indian and Indigenous Studies

Sample Coursework: Native Peoples in the Northeast, Introduction to Native American Literature

Animal Science

Sample Coursework: Animal Physiology, Animal Nutrition

Applied Economics (Available to CALS Students)

Sample Coursework: Introductory Microeconomics, International Trade Policy, Resource Economics

Atmospheric Science

Sample Coursework: Basic Principles of Meteorology, Advanced Atmospheric Dynamics

Biological Sciences

Sample Coursework: Biochemistry, Evolutionary Biology and Diversity, Genetics

Biometry and Statistics

Sample Coursework: Biological Statistics, Statistical Sampling


Sample Coursework: Finance, Marketing, Intro to Business Management

Climate Change

Sample Coursework: Climate and Global Warming, Global Ecology and Management, Humans and Climate


Sample Coursework: Oral Communication, New Media and Society, Media and Human Development

Community Food Systems

Sample Coursework:  Agriculture, Food, Sustainability and Social Justice, Race and Social Entrepreneurship: Food Justice + Urban Reform,  Environmental and Resource Economics, Sustainable Agriculture: Food, Farming, and the Future

Crop Management

Sample Coursework: Field Crop Systems, Environmental Chemistry, Integrated Pest Management

Development Sociology

Sample Coursework: Social Movements, Theories of Society, Evaluating Statistical Evidence

Earth & Atmospheric Sciences

Sample Coursework: The Earth System, Climate Dynamics, Interior of the Earth, Intro to Biogeochemistry


Sample Coursework: Educational Psychology, Engaging Students in Learning


Sample Coursework: Insect Ecology, Spider Biology, Medical and Veterinary Entomology

Environmental, Energy, and Resource Economics (Available to CALS Students)

Sample Coursework: Introductory Microeconomics, Resource Economics, Environmental Economics

Environmental  & Sustainability Sciences

Sample Coursework: Environmental Economics; Sustainable Bioenergy Systems; Environmental Governance

Food Science

Sample Coursework: Food Safety Assurance, Sensory Evaluation of Food

Fungal Biology

Sample Coursework:  Biology & Management of Plant Diseases; Mycology

Globalization, Ethnicity & Development

Sample Coursework: Social Inequality, Social Movements, Anthropology of Colonialism


Sample Coursework: Horticultural Science and Systems, The Nature of Plants

Horticulture with a Focus in the Botanical Arts

Sample Coursework: The Art of Horticulture, Intensive Study in Botanical Illustration

Infectious Disease Biology

Sample Coursework: Infectious Disease Ecology and Evolution, Biology of Infectious Disease: From Molecules to Ecosystems  

Information Science

Sample Coursework: Computer Mediated Communication, Intro to Cognitive Science

International Development Studies (Available to CALS Students)

Sample Coursework: International Internship, Topics in International Agriculture and Rural Development

International Trade & Development (Available to CALS Students)

Sample Coursework: Political Economy of the WTO, Food Policy for Developing Countries

Landscape Studies

Sample Coursework: Field Work in Urban Archaeology, History of American Landscape Architecture


Sample Coursework:  Foundations in Leadership, Experiential Capstone, ePortfolio

Marine Biology

Sample Coursework: Ecology and the Marine Environment

Nutrition & Health

Sample Coursework: Nutritional Problems of Developing Nations, Maternal and Child Nutrition

Plant Breeding

Sample Coursework: Plant Genetics, Genetic Improvement in Crop Plants

Soil Science

Sample Coursework: Soil Ecology, Soil Management for Sustainability

Viticulture & Enology

Sample Coursework: Wines and Vines, Winemaking Theory and Practice