Development Sociology Major

Students majoring in Development Sociology gain an understanding in societal development and factors to solve social problems, both local and global. The Department of Development Sociology has a unique program profile that is unmatched by any other departments of sociology in the nation. Development Sociology majors study how societies develop and identify the social pathways that can help build a successful career.

The department is well known for international, domestic, rural, environmental, agricultural, and population studies. Faculty and students in the department conduct theoretical and applied research, teaching, and outreach on the causes, dynamics, and consequences of social, cultural, political and economic change.

Employment Fields

  • Education
  • General Business
  • Social Services- Non-Profit
  • Communication

What recent graduates are doing

  • Graduate work in the fields of social science, law, child development, social intervention and policy analysis and medicine
  • Communications Specialist
  • Teacher
  • Community Manager
  • America Succeeds Intern
  • Peace Corps
  • Medical School
  • Youth Advocate
  • Environmental Law
  • Teach for America

Sample Classes

DSOC 2010 Population Dynamics

The primary focus of this class is the relationships between demographic processes (fertility, mortality, and immigration) and social and economic issues.

DSOC 2050 International Development

This course considers development as an evolving world project and from the perspective of its social and ecological impact: asking questions about costs and benefits of economic growth, about the global context (geo-political, institutional, production, consumption, and discursive relations), and the sustainability of various models.

DSOC 3240 Environment and Society

A primary focus of the course will be the relationship between environmental and social problems as well as the many political ideologies, philosophies, and movements that have continually redefined how we think of environment and sustainability.

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