Atmospheric Science Major

Students in Atmospheric Science study the behavior of weather and climate while gaining experience in the analysis, interpretation, and forecasting of meteorological events. Cornell is the only Ivy League university offering an undergraduate program in Atmospheric Science. The basic curriculum meets the guidelines of the American Meteorological Society (AMS), and the requirements for employment in meteorology with the National Weather Service (NWS) and a variety of consulting and professional meteorological services. Students who are considering an advanced degree will also be well-prepared for graduate school, and typically add additional mathematics, physics, and atmospheric science courses to the basic curriculum.

Sample Classes

EAS 1340 Weather Analysis and Forecasting

Serves as an extension of the EAS 1330 first-year majors lab. The course provides an opportunity for formal weather briefings and explores specific atmospheric storms (synoptic and mesoscale, including the climatology of each storm type) through assigned readings, map analysis, and weather discussions.

EAS 2500 Meteorological Observations and Instruments

Demonstrates methods and principles of meteorological measurements and observations including surface, free-air, and remote systems. Also presents information regarding instrument siting, mounting, and protection; instrument response characteristics, calibration, and standardization; and recorders and data logging systems. Laboratory exercises are in observation and data analysis.

EAS 2680 Climate and Global Warming

Familiarizes students from a range of disciplines with such contemporary issues in climatology as global warming and El Niño. Introduces the natural greenhouse effect, past climates, and observed and projected climate changes and impacts. Also covers natural climate variations (e.g., El Niño) and their consequences and predictability.

Employment Fields

  • Meteorology
  • Atmospheric Sciences
  • Consultant
  • Researcher

What recent graduates are doing

  • MS and Ph.D. program in Atmospheric Sciences
  • Policy Analyst working with the Department of Defense Climate Change Adaptation Working Group
  • Meteorologist/Developer providing daily weather forecasts and electricity demand projections to analysts and traders
  • KCAU-TV ABC Weekend Meteorologist

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